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In The Nightmare Business

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My business card says I'm a playwright, comic book creator, performer, storyteller, scuplter, comedian, idea man and world changer. Hmmm... Need to add "Professional Freak." No use driving staples through your forehead onstage and not get credit...

That boy is either disgustingly smart or something very strange happened to him at the age of 13. I'm not sure which, but it makes for an incredible read.
--Roo, poet extrodinare and clever man.

So yeah, me as a superhero...? I blame Jared and reading his addictive journal.
--Dave Foley, not the famous one, though I'm sure it's only a matter of time before he is.

The phone gods have left me alone long enough to get updated on Jared's journal, and he, as always, is inspiring.
--Christie, a librarian by trade and aspiring author. So she knows about written things.

I just read Jared's last post and it has inspired me.
--Rachel, yet another one of those people who know about words. I get them alot.